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At Secret 102, we're passionate about making engaging and entertaining radio that our listeners can't turn off. Our station broadcasts across the entire world, with a unique captive audience. We play a wide range of songs that you can sing along to and we are dedicated to providing great content - which our listeners love. In a time of economic recovery, we're doing the smart thing and investing in our product (like our shiny new websites) and with  unique features like streaming video and online advertising solutions, and cross-promotion across our other brands in the Sunkat network, we're able to offer you a truly cross-platform multimedia advertising solution.

Why Advertise On Radio?

. . and how much does it cost?

 Radio is the most real form of advertising. Because it's intrusive, your message will reach potential customers whether they're listening in their car, at home, at work - even in the shower or in bed. You can't turn past a radio advert like you can a newspaper advert and it's possible to target specific customers at specific times. Radio reaches out to your customers - and in the same way it can create chart music success, it can create genuine success for your business.

Advertising on Secret 102 probably costs less than you think. The costs vary depending on what you want to do - you might want a standard commercial, or you might prefer to run a  targetted promotional campaign. That's not to mention sponsoring our shows, or getting your banner advert on to our websites across the network. 
So... talk to us about your exact requirements and one of our Advertising Executives will be able to tailor a package.

Sponsorship options

Show sponsorship

Sponsor an entire show, with a prominant presence throughout. Make yourself stand out from your competitors!

Bulletin Sponsorship

By sponsoring our News and Weather, your message its heard at the top of the hour, every hour, 24 hours a day! Right before anyone else.

Show Feature sponsorship

Our shows host a range of different interactive features and is a great way to give prominance to your brand!

Social Event News sponsorship

Our unique “Events Billboard” is a great way for event organisers to advertise their event to our audience.

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