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The BIG Evening Show on Secret102

The BIG Evening Show
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Wednesday 23 August 09:00 with Adam & The Other Bloke

Join Adam & The Other Bloke for 2 hours of arguably the best, worst, and darkest picks from the wide world and web today, with a great mix of music and chat with plenty special guests.

Regular Features


Annabel Go!

Each show, Adam takes Annabel Grey off to some dark seedy corner of the country to sell her body to the night, and it’s your job to listen out for the clues and guess where she’s got her red light on!.

Guilty Pleasures

Adam and ‘The Other Bloke’ pick a record from the vaults that they like, and battle it out for your vote! There’s never a dull choice, you’d be suprised what might come out of their mental jukebox!

Jokes Corner

Adam and ‘The Other Bloke’ bring you a selection of hand picked risque and somewhat awful jokes that are doing the rounds.

Bit of a Hit

Precisely 3.81 seconds of a popular record, but can you figure out what it is?

The Mistress Chart

Every show, Adam and ‘The Other Bloke’ open up the Mistress Chart! Listeners are invited to ‘vote’ for their favourite mistress by nominating and voting for them by the Twitter, Facebook or Website. Which Mistress will get the most votes? Then there’s “The Super Vote” decided by one of the guys in the studio, which accounts for 2 extra votes to the Mistress of their choosing. But which Mistress will be the victor and win the title of “Dom of the Day?”