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Sometimes as a business owner you are forced to make some very difficult decisions, such a situation has arisen over the past couple of days and i have now once again taken action to prevent the station being brought into disrepute by the actions of people involved in anyway with the station.

I made it very clear last year that presenters had an obligation to keep themselves above reproach by their involvement with other people who may exploit them personally or in someway draw the station into an uncomfortable situation.  After at least 2 conversations with one of our presenters about being exploited and being assured it would never happen again, i find they got sucked into yet another situation which has now been played out on social networks. For whatever reason using a twitter account which has a link to the station as a platform to communicate there feelings about being exploited is totally unacceptable. I personally feel incredibly let down by this person, he claims to have mental health issues, i hope he seeks help. He will not be given the opportunity to work for the station again.

Having looked at other evidence, it has now become clear that someone else working for the station has also failed to reach the standards expected and although there are some mitigating circumstances, the station will not tolerate any form of abuse towards any vulnerable person. With imdeidate affect  "Manic Monday" and "Sub Sunday" have been removed from the schedules.

Secret102 is about defending all minority groups, we appreciate that being different can be a real struggle, with mental health problems, depression even suicide a big issue with anyone struggling to find peace with who they are.

Thank you all for your continued support
becky x